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The East Indian Music Academy offers classes in Music , Hindi, Sanskrit, and Moral Education. We teach classical and light vocal music in addition to various types of instruments including Harmonium, Tabla, Sitar, Violin, Sarod, and Sarangi.

There are five levels of achievements for vocal and instrumental music ie.(Kindegarten, Elementary, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.) Children between the ages of five and six complete the kindergarten level. At this level the child is taught to recognize the notes on the harmonium while learning to sing and play simple rhymes, dhuns, and bhajans. Students entering the institution for the first time start at elementary level. At this level students are required to play and sing ten songs. At the Basic level, Raagas are introduced to the students. Songs based on Raagas are also taught. At the intermediate level, Chota Khyal and various styles of singing are introduced. When the child has achieved good concept of music,
Bara Khyaal with taans and the development of alaap in the Raaga are taught.

There are also four levels for Tabla and instrumental music. In tabla, various taals with uthaan, laggi and tihayees are taught. In the classical field, Kaidas with paltes, tukras etc. are taught. In instrumental music dhuns and various kinds of gats with todas are taught.

Students learn to read, write, and translate the Devnagari script in the Hindi and Sanskrit courses. Grammar is also introduced and students are encouraged to speak the language.

In Moral Education, students study various religious texts. The Ramayan, Bhagwad Gita, Upanishads and the Vedas are some of the texts used. Students learn to chant and recite verses from these texts and also interpret their meanings. Students also learn about   the importance of festivals, great saints and historical figures. Discussions to enhance the level of ethical and moral consciousness are conducted so that students are prepared to meet the challenges of society.

Throughout the year we have special performances where students perform in front of an audience so that they may gain confidence in their singing and playing. During these sessions we also invite educators to speak to our students and parents. These discussions turn out to be very interesting and well participated by both students and parents. During the summer we have our annual picnic where parents and students socialize and get to know each other better. In December we have our graduation function. Students who have completed their courses successfully receive certificates for their achievements. After the graduation is a sumptuous Christmas Dinner which the children always look forward to. Registered 1998.


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